The term ethnocentrism is often used to refer to that ideology that defends the idea that one’s own culture and race are at a higher level than others. That is to say, those individuals who are in charge of promoting said ideology generally give pejorative treatment to other ethnic groups and cultures different from theirs, and as expected, exalts everything that is their own, basically because ethnocentrism It is an extreme position, since according to this position everything that does not coincide with what is preached must be eradicated.

One of the main characteristics of ethnocentrism is the fact that it judges and qualifies all those customs, beliefs and language of other cultures, with respect to a worldview that is considered desirable, which will always be one’s own. . While the differences between one group and another are the elements that make up the cultural identity of each region and culture.

Oddly enough, this type of behavior and idealism is a common tendency in any human group. Since it is something completely normal that the elements that constitute the culture itself are qualified or commented in a positive way, while those customs and different cultures are qualified in a positive way. In general, the practices that a person carries out are considered normal and even a logical sense is sought for them, unlike exotic behaviors that are very difficult to understand.

Basically, ethnocentrism consists in that a group, society or culture is considered to be at a higher level with respect to its way of life than other groups, societies or cultures, and for this reason, rejects, excludes and marginalizes all those that is not inside it.

For its part, ethnocentrism, seen as a social phenomenon, also has its reasons: it implies the distinction between belonging or not to one’s own group, maintains social connection, that is, loyalty, cooperation, solidarity and mutual defense and finally the culture of the cultural group. From this point of view, every social and cultural group is, in some way, ethnocentric.