Basic, a word that defines something as the basis or what is essential in something, in an action, in studies, in some rules, in learning a foundation to achieve success or good development in something.

Everything has a beginning, in everyday life a base or a support in something is the main objective of carrying out certain activities such as washing clothes, which would be a basic service of managing machinery, in studies to start a professional career they must passing through lower grades to be able to obtain the first knowledge such as reading, writing, adding or subtracting where they include the basic rights of learning, for example in government matters, maintaining an adequate system of basic laws on their mandate, is a base central to the institutions and normal life of a city or nation.

Religions, although they vary in their beliefs and adorations, have their fundamental and main base in the oldest book that is the Bible, where, as indicated, there are some basic commandments to be able to lead a holy and Christian life, under the precept of the liberation in Jesus as the savior. The basic or elementary of this word, formed from the ancient Latin (basis), gives the meaning in its etymology to the fundamental, point of support, support, base.

In order to qualify a chemical component of the soil, a substance called base is used to detect if the soil is alkaline or not, that is, it detects the PH of the soil, in this way it is known if it is good for planting and what kind of fruit or food. It can be produced in a clean quality without chemical alterations, which is called naturally organic food.

In private and public companies they call basic salary the monthly salary that a worker makes, which is imposed by the national government of each country, under a socioeconomic study that according to them indicates that with that amount a family of four people can live, this It varies according to the type of work and the degree of study the worker has, for example, the basic salary of a secretary is lower than that of a graduate, lawyer or doctor, among others.