Ergometry is called all the studies that measure the effort to which a person’s muscles are subjected in situations of effort, such as running or riding a bicycle. Generally, this is done in order to determine if there are conditions corresponding to their operation. When the tests involve electrocardiogram data, they focus on heartbeats that, if abnormal or a failure in the cardiovascular system is found, would be an indication of coronary diseases; in this case, it is also known as a stress test, and it is used to detect angina pectoris, a medical condition in which sharp pains occur in the chest region.

For stress tests, there is no set preparation. Only some bad habits should be avoided, such as smoking, in a range of eight hours, in addition to attending the medical center on an empty stomach. Other requirements would be comfortable clothing, running shoes and energy drinks. Once in the office, the patient will be placed on a treadmill or stationary bicycle, in addition to placing the necessary equipment, such as adhesive electrodes. Once started, the nurse or assistant should note and be aware of the electrical activity of the heart, as this is what will ultimately reveal whether the patient is clinically positive for angina pectoris.

If the patient has angina pectoris, he should resort to the treatment provided for this disease. Mainly, the common pain that afflicts the patients must be relieved and, subsequently, the progress of the disease has to be delayed, in order to avoid sudden cardiac death and acute myocardial infarction. In addition to this, precautions must be included in the daily life of the patient.