Successive and ordered exhibition of the elements that make up a whole, a series or a whole. The enumeration shows the attitude of the subject by sequentially enumerating an area of ​​reality.
In the field of mathematics and computer science, enumeration consists of making a complete and exact list of the elements that are part of a set. If we consider the set of «odd positive integers that are greater than 2 and less than 10», the enumeration of its components will be as follows: «3, 5, 7 and 9».

An enumeration also shows a story made up of a sequence of events. From the grammatical point of view, when this type of story is made, the text is integrated by the inclusion of commas and the nexus of compulsion «and».

Enumeration allows a larger group of items to be broken down into smaller parts. Therefore, this list also allows us to carefully observe and analyze the composition of a specific field. Often an enumeration is made up of several elements that have some aspect in common. This common aspect is the basis of this enumeration.

This definition also helps us understand what enumeration is in a broader sense. If we think of the South American countries that have Portuguese as their official language as a whole, the enumeration of its elements will be limited to the mention of “Brazil”. On the other hand, the set of South American countries with Spanish as the official language requires a broader list (“Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru and Uruguay”).

From the point of view of coaching, when a person specifies an action plan to carry out a specific objective, they also list the steps that are part of that action plan to follow the list of tasks chronologically.

In the field of rhetoric, it is known as an enumeration of a rapid enunciation of different ideas or parts of a concept. The notion can also allude to the fragment of an epilogue dedicated to briefly repeating the previously stated reasons and to the figure of accumulation that consists of the sum of linguistic elements that are presented in a coordinated way by juxtaposition or conjunctions.