What is show business

The term entertainment is used in general to define everything that is related to the world of entertainment and show business. both the singers, as well as the directors, actors, models and any media individual, is considered a member of the show business. At first the term was used to refer to small theatrical companies, especially of the comic type, which were made up of traveling artists, who moved from one place to another on the map in order to bring and share their talent with others. the public. One of the distinctive characteristics of this type of theater was the precarious condition they presented.

Origin of show business

In ancient times, entertainment was called one of the ancient theatrical formations and from which current theatrical companies arose. In addition to this, there was also the well-known “bululú”, which is characterized by being made up of a single standing actor and with a fairly scarce repertoire, likewise another genre was the “ñaque”, made up of two individuals who performed various hors d’oeuvres, Similarly, there was the gangarilla genre made up of four men, one of whom played the female role. Meanwhile, with regard to entertainment, it was made up of three women and approximately 7 men, they had a repertoire that ranged between 8 and 10 comedies. Regarding the word itself, it must be said that the word originates from the German “fahrender” whose translation is “vagabond”.

Despite its origins, the word entertainment today is applied to everything related to the acting world and the rest of the professions that make up both the world of theater and the other performing arts, such as cinema, television. , etc. However, it is important to clarify that not any person from this medium can be considered a member of the show business, since for this it is necessary that said individual has a career and works widely recognized both by specialized critics and by the public, since These two elements are responsible for its fame and are considered the fundamental pieces in what is called entertainment. There is no doubt that professional work is what matters most and in a certain way what offers the members of the show business such fame, but after they acquire that category, what will really attract the attention of the media is their private life, since the more scandalous it is, for the media it will be much better.

Taking into account the above, it is necessary to highlight the fact that there are individuals who have stood out not because of their talent but because of their excesses and scandals, which has given them fame. For this reason, within entertainment it is possible to find a fairly heterogeneous population, where there are both highly awarded actors and world-famous singers, as well as people who only stand out for how controversial they can be. In the world of television, entertainment has great relevance and is responsible for a large part of the ratings of the channels. Generally, show programs are in charge of focusing on national and international entertainment, which attracts viewers and entertainment fans. since knowing any interesting fact about the personal life of a famous person is intriguing.

In Mexico, for example, a program called farándula 40 is broadcast, which is dedicated almost exclusively to criticism and analysis of everything that revolves around the world of entertainment and Mexican entertainment. It is currently broadcast on the channel ADN 40, which belongs to the Azteca television company, is broadcast in the capital of Mexico and in different cities of the country.

The farándula 40 project was created with the idea of ​​bringing together different television programs dedicated to the culture of contemporary Mexico. The program premiered in 2010 as a purely analysis and criticism program of the show, where demonstrations could be observed. of urban pop culture, as emphasized by its conductors, such as music, contemporary art, cinema, literature, television, theater and fashion.

In the English language, the term entertainment is “showbiz”, in countries like the United States, Canada and England, showbiz is one of the most followed topics, they may be due to the large number of world-class artists that are produced in the aforementioned countries.

Film subgenre of show business


From entertainment, a subgenre has emerged in the world of cinema, which is characterized by representing the daily life of the comedians who belong to it, which has become popular in countries like Spain thanks to works like The last cuplé, which premiered in 1957 and was written by Juan de Orduña, who was starring the actress Sara Montiel, likewise another important work was Comedians, created by Juan Antonio Bardem and premiered in 1954, became an important referent of cinematographic culture in the years of the Franco regime and its subsequent transition.

It is very important to indicate that, during the first decades in the cinema, the genre of the films was not taken into account, being characterized by its limitations and by trying to make the viewer quickly understand what the film is about. However, after the Second World War the genres began to function, giving rise to different productions.

Film genres can be classified according to the common elements of the productions they encompass, originally according to their formal aspects, such as style, rhythm or tone, and especially the feeling they sought to generate in the public. Alternatively, film genres can be defined according to the format or setting they present, it is even possible that they merge to give rise to the so-called hybrid genres.