Entertainment has been present in the lives of human beings since time immemorial. Even animals look for ways to entertain themselves in their habitat and create rituals for the same purpose. When you talk about entertainment, you talk about much more than just hanging out for recreational purposes, since there is an entire art and craft behind it. Over time, this activity has adapted to the trend and interests of societies.

what is entertainment

It is the set of activities that the human being carries out to distract himself from the tasks that he carries out in his daily routine. Generally when we talk about it, it is related to activities that involve television, concerts, theater, dance, sports, movies, among others that, in effect, are part of the main known entertainment activities.

In ancient times, the way in which governments enforced laws was cruel and unfair. One way to keep the people calm was precisely keeping them entertained and supplying them with food of dubious quality. This was called “bread and circuses”, which to this day is a derogatory term for the practice that is still carried out today.

The term entertain not only involves distraction for pleasure through some leisure activity, but also means diverting a person’s attention to achieve some goal; that is, wasting time. It can also be related to the concept of procrastination, which is the postponement of activities that must be carried out at a certain time for other pleasant ones of lesser importance, which keep the person who performs them entertained, avoiding the essential ones.

entertainment classes

There are as many tastes and possibilities as there are people in the world. What for a young man today sports can represent the greatest fun, for another of the same age, video games are his best allies.

Entertainment has evolved alongside humanity. The arrival of new technologies has redefined the concept, creating a new range of options and possibilities in this field. However, despite the evolution in the forms of entertainment, the cause and purpose of such action remains the same.

There is a wide variety of forms of entertainment, among which can be highlighted:

Fine arts

There are now nine of them (with the additions today), but you can take:

  • Dance: ballet presentations, popular music, contests, salsa casino dances, among others.
  • Sculpture: either for exhibitions or for personal entertainment.
  • Music: classical, commercial, popular, playing an instrument, vocalization.
  • Painting: both making it and admiring it.
  • Literature: writing and reading.
  • Cinematography: realistic or fictional stories, the cinema has delighted generations with entertaining films since 1895, photography (the art of capturing images with points of view that can go unnoticed by the collective, admiration of them)
  • comic: the narration of stories through illustrated vignettes and considered the ninth art.
  • The circus is an option for entertainment that brings together several elements: theater, dance, comedy, acrobatics, which can be enjoyed by the whole family and is a good alternative in entertainment for children.
  • Even if it does not list a place in the fine arts, theater is and has been the quintessential storytelling prior to cinema, radio and television. Within this category you can include pantomime, opera, monologues, puppet shows and other manifestations of this art.


This category is essential for modern society, since it encompasses much of today’s forms of entertainment. We can highlight television (with varied programming for all tastes), radio (broadcasting music, storytelling, various entertainment topics, news of collective interest), cinema (with a large universe of entertaining films) and the Internet.

The Internet has perhaps had the greatest impact, since it alone includes television, radio and film content, adding social networks, varied pages, forms of remote communication, mail, easy-to-reach adult entertainment, among other types. of content.

At home, many people build their own place as an entertainment center, in which many of these electronic devices are essential: television, computer, Blu-Ray, video game consoles, among others.

Entertainment Entertainment


Sport is also considered a great option for entertainment, since the existence of multiple disciplines represents a healthy and universal alternative when it comes to entertainment. Here both the practitioner and the observer are entertained.


Video games, online games and board games are the choice to distract those who are looking for a more relaxed alternative that represents a challenge to their intelligence, at least in the case of strategy or problem-solving games. In this category, among so many entertaining games, those of chance and betting can be included.


In this category we can find parades, fairs, concerts, ceremonies for entertainment purposes, parties, exhibitions, caravans, among others.


It can be from practicing the culinary arts as a hobby, to attending tastings, restaurants, going for a dessert, or some other option for those who enjoy good food.


Traveling to another city, country, or even walking within the locality, is one of the best-known forms of distraction. This can include a trip to the beach, the mountains, hiking, a walk around the city, among other activities offered by each region.


It is what is known as street performance, it includes categories such as theater, contortionism, juggling, card tricks, stilts, dance, fortune telling, singing, among others.

importance of entertainment

EntertainmentThere have been various motivations for which man has sought to entertain himself and amuse others. Not all the tasks that he performs should be involved in hard work or responsibilities, because at a certain moment, the body and mind will ask not only for rest, but also an escape from said routine. Entertainment comes to be part of his life.

In past centuries and millennia, certain types of entertainment could only be consumed by the upper and privileged classes, since they had more leisure time for it and, of course, they had the purchasing power for said luxury.

Today its borders have expanded, and it has taken on such relevance that it resulted in the emergence of the great entertainment industry, as we know it today, and which has generated countless amounts of jobs, managing to reach the masses regardless of social class distinction.

how to make entertainment

There are many ways to entertain and many areas to specialize in to take it to professional levels.

There are numerous schools in Mexico that teach various arts, such as performing arts, music, dance, sculpture, painting, in at least 28 of the 32 states. The most recognized are the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), where courses in Art and Design, Visual Arts, Cinematography, History of Art, Theater and Acting, and Music and Artistic Technology are taught; the Autonomous University of Aguascalientes (UAA), which offers degrees in Art Sciences and Cultural Management, Cinematographic and Audiovisual Arts, and Scenic Arts and Acting; the Veracruzana University (UV), which has degrees in Photography, Visual Arts, Contemporary Dance and Artistic Education with Differentiated Profiles.

Frequently Asked Questions about Entertainment

What is entertainment for?

It serves so that people can use their free time to distract themselves, have fun and temporarily avoid their worries. Entertainment has the ability to take human beings away from their responsibilities a little, providing the physical and mental energy that is sometimes needed and helping to maintain a better quality of life.

How does entertainment help knowledge?

Entertainment often has an impact on people’s culture, because it produces quick and efficient ways to teach and at the same time, distract and relax. A common example of this is television, since a program is capable of affecting the behavior and knowledge of many individuals.

What entertainment activities did you do in the past?

In ancient times there were minstrels who were known as artists, capable of entertaining through dramatizations of impossible loves, heroic deeds or subtle criticism to provoke laughter from the lower class of society and there were also troubadours, who were in charge of recreating to the nobility through recitations, songs and the use of musical instruments.

What entertainment activities are good for children?

The best activities for children are those that develop their intellect, their memory, their concentration, their abilities and their skills, such as board games, mostly known as ludo, memories, chess, puzzles, monopoly , Chinese checkers, scrabble, among others.

What are entertainment apps for?

Its main objective is to provide fun and distraction to users, because in this way they can enjoy their free time healthily. Thanks to technology, today you can take advantage of a smartphone or any other device to download applications related to entertainment and can be used comfortably no matter where people are.