english revolution

The English revolution was a stage in the history of England that was characterized by constant clashes between the members of parliament led by Oliver Cromwell and the English monarchy, represented by King Charles I. This period was between 1642 and 1689 when it finally ends. . It should be noted that this armed conflict lasted around 18 years.

It all begins as a result of the death of Elizabeth I, at the beginning of the 17th century, the monarchical regime of Great Britain was awarded to the Stuart dynasty, first in the person of Jacob and then passed to his son Charles I. These monarchs They promoted the belief that if royalty ruled it was because God wanted it that way and it was precisely this that caused certain altercations between the king and the British parliament.

The English revolution arises for two reasons: a political one, since Carlos I tried to impose a monarchical absolutism in England, without paying respect to the authorities that make up parliament, based on the idea that the power of the monarchy had been given by divine right. And the other cause is religious, this is due in principle, because King Carlos I was Catholic and established a policy based on religious limitations, which caused the enmity of the majority of the members of parliament who were Protestants.

By the year 1640, this rivalry between the two forces was greater and worsened when the king asked parliament to support him financially, to finance the war between England and the Scottish Calvinists. The parliament decided not to finance anything, something that deeply annoyed the sovereign, who, rebuked by the opposition, decides to close the parliament.

The armed conflict began in the year 1642 and where the royalist side defeated the parliamentary army, which was represented by Puritans. There were several years of brutal fighting, so that in the end the king’s army was completely defeated in the year 1651.

Oliver Cromwell an English soldier and politician, member of parliament assumes power and is proclaimed as the protector of England and assumes power until the day of his death. During his government, peace was always present, there was a lot of religious tolerance, where freedom of worship prevailed. However, this revolution ends when the kingdom is reconquered by the lineage of the Stuarts.