Engagement ring

An engagement ring is one that is worn on the left hand to show that it is before the agreement of a wedding, that is, to get married. This ring must be worn on the ring finger and although it was previously said that it is worn on the left hand, this may change or vary in some cultures. This ring differs from the wedding or nuptial ring because of its color and the accessories or materials that it entails, since it is made of silver and generally has a diamond.

what are engagement rings

These rings represent the desire of two people to marry in the near future. They are known for being synonymous with a promise of love that must be completed in holy matrimony (here it does not matter if it is civil or church, as long as the purpose is to marry).

According to various cultures, the groom gives the ring to the bride and she, in response, gives him a watch, of course, if the answer is affirmative. From the moment the promise is made, the bride must wear the ring and will then be accompanied by the wedding ring.

It is generally offered by the man to his girlfriend, however, over the years this has changed and either party can take the initiative and propose to their partner liberally and even with some details or surprises. The word ring comes from the Latin anellus, which means to annul. The word commitment comes from the Latin compromissum which refers to an obligation.

history of engagement rings

The history of these rings is quite old, in fact, it dates back to ancient Egypt, when future brides placed the ring on the ring finger of the left hand because they believed that the vena amoris was located there, that is, that that finger was connected to the heart. Later, in Roman times, an iron ring was created, which symbolized the cycle of life that began with the couple from the moment of the proposal to the day of the wedding celebration.

Over the years, Christians and Jews took over the Roman custom, but made some changes to make it a fundamental part of marriage ceremonies. In the Middle Ages, each ring was decorated with some gems and diamonds, thus giving more weight to the proposal and giving the ring some rather sophisticated attributes, so it was selected by the aristocracy to be worn prior to weddings. Later, in the year 1477, Maximilian of Austria took it upon himself to be the first man to give a diamond ring to Maria (daughter of the Duke of Burgundy) to make her his fiancée.

There were also times in some societies in which the ring was synonymous with material union between families, in fact, the bride had to prepare the trousseau and keep herself pure for her future husband, leaving aside any opportunity for marriage by other men. The ring must be quite sophisticated and of enormous value, because only then could they cover the expenses generated in case of not getting married, so that the ring would serve as monetary compensation. Engagement rings for men were not necessary until the day of the wedding.

engagement ring traditions

Engagement Ring - Traditions

Traditionally, the existence of the ring has a Roman origin, however, the diamond ring, a symbol of fidelity and high sophistication, dates from the fifteenth century. It is usually a smooth silver ring with diamonds, while the wedding ring is a smooth gold ring that symbolizes the cycle of life and eternity. Among the traditions, are the following.

Engagement Ring Meanings

The general meaning of this ring is a promise of love and fidelity, that is what it really represents worldwide, a desire to unite families or people with the promise of creating a new home.

engagement ring materials

In general, it is about silver engagement rings, very rarely it is about gold engagement rings precisely because it is not the custom unless they are white gold engagement rings. In addition, they always usually have jewelry, that is, one or more diamonds or gems.

Delivery of the engagement ring

In general, the delivery is made by the man and he kneels before his girlfriend to propose that she be his wife. In some places the bride gives a watch as a response to her boyfriend. Currently, as mentioned above, delivery can be made by either party.

Use of the engagement ring

In Western culture, the ring is worn on the ring finger of the left hand. Many people around the world use it this way, however, there are cases in which brides use it on either hand, but the most accepted is to continue with the Egyptian tradition of the vena amoris. Once the engagement has been made and the day of the wedding arrives, the bride wears both the ring her groom gave her when he proposed to her and the wedding ring.

Images of engagement rings

In this aspect, various images of engagement rings for men, diamond engagement rings in different sizes and colors, cheap and accessible engagement rings for future boyfriends and rose gold engagement rings will be captured.

Frequently Asked Questions about Engagement Ring

What is the meaning of the engagement ring?

Its meaning alludes to a promise of love and marriage.

Which hand does the engagement ring go on?

Traditionally it goes on the left hand depending on the culture.

What finger does the engagement ring go on?

On the ring finger, independent of the hand, it is a universal tradition.

How much does an engagement ring cost?

The prices usually vary a lot according to the country, some may have costs of $10 or $20, as there are also cases of eccentricity in which they exceed $1000.

What does it mean to dream of an engagement ring?

It refers to being ready to accept new responsibilities and as a synonym of maturity.