Endangered animals

Animals in danger of extinction are those that are at risk of disappearing completely from the face of the earth if the necessary measures are not created to preserve their lives. A species can be in danger of extinction for different reasons, one of them, for example, is the predation on said species or the eradication of some essential resource for them to survive in a habitat. In the development of the post you will be able to observe the different species that run this risk and what are the causes and consequences of this.


In this aspect, a list is going to be drawn up in which it is evident which are the animals that are currently in a situation of threat. More than 10 animals in danger of extinction around the world, their habitat, state of danger and the number of existing specimens.

Axolotl36 specimens per square kilometer.Mexicocritical hazard
golden snub-nosed monkey120 copiesChinacritical hazard
Lemur21 speciesMadagascarcritical hazard
black and white ruffed lemur3 subspeciesEastern Madagascarcritical hazard
tree frog eggs7 copiesAustraliacritical hazard
amphibians8,000 copiesworld levelcritical hazard
Angonoka turtle8 speciesnorthwestern Madagascarcritical hazard
Pangolin8 speciesAfrica and Asiacritical hazard
western lowland gorilla1,500 copiesGaboncritical hazard
Yunnan snub-nosed monkeys2,600 copiesSouthwest Chinacritical hazard
philippine eagle500 copiesPhilippinescritical hazard
tigers3,900 copiesWorldwidecritical hazard
Iberian lynx850 copiesIberian Peninsulacritical hazard
saiga antelope30,000 copiesCentral Asiacritical hazard
Red-crowned Cranes1,600 copiesNortheast Asiacritical hazard
indian gharial200 copiesnorth indiancritical hazard
multicolored tamarin1,000 copiesAmazon junglecritical state
vultures14 speciesWorldwideHigh risk
angels of the sea1 speciesNorth Pole ocean currentsHigh risk
beluga sturgeon52.3 million copiesBlack Sea, Caspian Sea and occasionally in the Adriatic Sea.High risk
monarch butterflies20,000,000 copiesCanada and the northern United StatesRisk
proboscis monkeys7,000 copiesIndonesiaRisk
mandrel1,300 copiesGabonvulnerable state
Polar Bear22,000 copiesNorth Polevulnerable state
Olm1 known speciesEastern Europevulnerable state
common chimpanzee300,000 copiesAfricavulnerable state
Panda2,000 copiesChinavulnerable state
Military Macaws1 speciesForests of South Americavulnerable state
Snow Leopard4,000 copiesCentral Asiavulnerable state
peak shoes8,000 copieseast africavulnerable state

What are endangered animals

They are those species that are at risk of disappearing from the planet. A species is considered extinct when none of the individuals belonging to it have been free in nature for a period of not less than 50 years.

When a species is close to being considered endangered, it is called a “threatened species”, an example of this is the panda bear, which is in danger of extinction.

The danger of extinction of a species has led to the creation of measures such as the state of conservation of the species, which serves as a tool that indicates the possibilities that a certain family of animals is preserved in the medium and short term, said state It takes into account elements such as the population levels of the species, its distribution in nature, its predators, etc.

Endangered animals - Axolotl

Currently there is a list of species conservation, created by the IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature), in which taxa are classified according to two categories, one includes those animals that are at risk of disappearing and are identified as “endangered”, while the other group contains those species whose danger of extinction is much greater and are called “critically endangered”. The endangered bees are in the “endangered” category, while the endangered jaguar is in the critical category.

The word animal comes from the Latin animalis, which refers to a creature or being endowed with breath and life. Danger comes from the Latin periculum, which alludes to a threat or risk, and extinction comes from the Latin exstinctĭo, which refers to a disappearance. Together, the 3 terms mean that a living being is under threat and could disappear.

Causes of endangered animals

In this aspect, the causes of animals in danger of extinction are going to be mentioned:

In the first place there are the natural causes, that is, the biological ones, which tend to provoke a disintegration and consequently, the disappearance of the species that are currently under threat of death.

These causes can range from parasitism, disease or competition between other species to ensure their survival.

There are also natural catastrophes, starting with hurricanes, droughts, fires or erupting volcanoes that can wipe out not only animal life, but also human life.

Finally, there are the human activities that directly interfere with the way of life of some species and end up making them extinct, the illegal hunting of animals, the overexploitation of natural resources, recycling, logging and the destruction of the natural habitats of animals. to build cities are the main causes of extinction.

An example of this is the case of turtles that are in danger of extinction, this is due in part to the extensive extraction of eggs that illegally occurs on Mexican beaches.

The Mexican axolotl is another animal that is at risk due to the loss of its habitat and the use of its meat for the preparation of popular remedies.

Consequences of the extinction of animals

The causes that affect the disappearance of some species and that put the rest of them at risk, generate consequences not only for those specimens, but also for the ecosystem at a general level.

One of the first consequences is the reduction of genetic diversity that allows a certain fragility in the species due to the sudden change of habitats and hunting.

Another consequence is the total disappearance of the species because over the years, the damage suffered in a specific ecosystem, makes the rest of the specimens disappear, as is the case of certain Mexican animals that are in danger of extinction. extinction. For example, the vaquita marina, a cetacean that is threatened by the negligence of the fishing industry.

There is also the evolution of humanity, which takes advantage of extinction to cover all the spaces of damaged ecosystems and makes man subsist without awareness or limitations on feeding endangered specimens.

animal protection

The primary way to protect all specimens that are currently threatened with extinction is to ban their hunting worldwide, however, in order to start with this ban, it is necessary to know the names of animals in danger of extinction and also promote the protection of their habitats.

It is imperative that the governments and organizations of the world enact laws that prevent the deforestation of the forests, as this threatens the life of the threatened specimens.

It is important to place posters of animals in danger of extinction along with some images of animals in danger of extinction that explain to tourists how they should treat the specimens, what cannot be done in their habitats and that they know exactly which are the threatened animals.

Some zoos have marine animals in danger of extinction, so these facilities must take special care of them, as has been done with Mexican animals in danger of extinction. It is necessary to delimit the natural reserves, put an end to environmental contamination and reduce the use of natural resources.

Extinct animals

Endangered Animals - Dodo (extinct)

In this aspect, some of the extinct animals around the world will be mentioned.

  1. plains zebra
  2. Gastric-brooding frog
  3. Tasmanian Tiger
  4. Bucardo
  5. imperial woodpecker
  6. woolly rhinoceros
  7. Monk seal
  8. bilby
  9. West African Black Rhino
  10. black emu
  11. Mexican grizzly bear
  12. Saint Helena Earwig
  13. Japanese Sea Lion
  14. dark shore sparrow
  15. Golden Frog
  16. Java tiger
  17. Oystercatcher Canary
  18. Steller’s Sea Cow
  19. mariana duck
  20. Cyanerpes
  21. baiji dolphin
  22. Grebe
  23. Pinta Island Turtle
  24. dodos
  25. Formosan clouded leopard
  26. passenger pigeon
  27. Mold
  28. Blue macaw
  29. giant auk
  30. fled
  31. blue antelope
  32. Carolina Parrot
  33. dusky shore sparrow
  34. elephant bird
  35. Moa

Frequently Asked Questions about Endangered Animals

What are the animals in danger of extinction?

They are those who are at risk of totally disappearing from the face of the earth if the necessary measures are not created to preserve their lives. Example: Polar bears, tigers, chimpanzees, axolotls, among others.

Why are animals in danger of extinction?

Currently it is due to human activities, illegal practices and destructive behavior towards animals.

Why do animals become extinct?

For not preventing the disappearance and destroying their habitats.

How does the loss of animals affect ecosystems?

It affects the prevalence of other specimens, the feeding of other animals and their habitats.

How can we prevent the extinction of animals?

With prevention and protection measures for both the specimens and their habitats.