Also known as embezzlement, it is the action in which one or more individuals misappropriate securities or funds that have been entrusted to them by reason of a high-ranking job or position. It is a financial fraud, a theft for profit by officials or public authority to a third party with their consent, when they are making use of their position due to mismanagement. Said crime will depend on the value of the amounts stolen as well as the damage or hindrance caused to the public service.

Embezzlement or embezzlement is known as a statutory offense (something ordered or constitutional), it is a crime against the patrimony or the right of an owner to control the disposition and use of the property in question. To summarize the embezzlement, it is the use of money or property of others or of the State in things other than those that were intended for use. Usually for their own benefit. Cases of embezzlement or embezzlement are seen worldwide, which affect the economy of a country, which is why the control of that money must be signed with the date of each of the funds, it must be of great importance. importance, as well as the monetary monitoring that should be done to the owners of large amounts of money. All this to prevent the funds destined for social works or for the growth of a nation from being used in a corrupt manner or to finance projects that do not produce any benefit to the community.

There are different ways to commit the crime of embezzlement, this is the case:

  • When they are in charge of any concept of funds, income or effects of the Public Administrations.
  • When they are legally designated as depositories of public funds or bills.
  • When they are the administrators or depositories of money or assets seized, seized or deposited by the public authority, even if they belong to individuals.