The term seizure is applied to define the act of custody and conservation of an individual’s belongings under the mandate of a court order; In this type of situation, it is a methodology applied by the legal world that allows the removal of the owner’s right over a material, due to a debt that said individual has and does not want to cancel it, in this way the embargo is applied as a method of pressure. for an individual to comply with the previously assumed monetary agreement; According to the perspective that each judge has on these cases, seizures can be executive or preventive.

As previously mentioned, the embargo is a method of pressure to enforce the obligations that an individual acquired, however judicial embargoes should not be applied if it is interfering with the person’s subsistence; that is, they cannot seize those goods that allow the satisfaction of the basic needs of the person involved. An example is what is currently being experienced within Spanish territory, there is a significant drop in the economy of this country generating a great wave of unemployment, by losing their jobs many people cannot continue to pay the mortgage payments they had associates, by having a stipulated number of unpaid installments, the bank will proceed to place a lien on the home involved, therefore the person must move to a less luxurious enclosure that allows them to continue paying for their basic needs until they can stabilize again monetarily.