Elongation refers to a movement or situation where there is an increase in the mass longitudinally of a structure, that is, a material, object or component of a system undergoes a constant stretching process, this term can be used in different areas .

In medicine, a type of stretch in bone tissue can be identified; Bone elongation is a surgical therapeutic method aimed at correcting congenital malformations, exponentially lengthening the bones that make up an area of ​​the body. To achieve this, a technique called “corticotomy” characterized by dividing the modified bone into several parts, that is, fracturing the bone to be elongated, later a location is made where the ends of the bone fragments are at a separation distance, in order to generate bone tissue between each space and thus increase the length of the bone.

Another area where the word elongation is appreciated is in astronomy, when talking about elongation it refers to an increase in the distance between the sun and a planet that can be appreciable from the earth such as Mercury or Venus; the elongation can be identified according to the visibility of the neighboring planet, if a planet is visible from the earth after sunset, its elongation is of the eastern type, on the contrary, if the planet is evidenced at the time of sunrise its elongation is carried out in the western area.