electronic commerce

It is about buying and selling items, using electronic devices and massive communication networks for it. One of the most used tools for this is the Internet, in which a series of pages have been created that are dedicated exclusively to selling products of all kinds, in association with the industries that manufacture them or by controlling users who collaborate and The objects are offered to the public. However, this system was only an expansion, since electronic commerce really began in the 1970s, during the turbulent 20th century, when the invention of a versatile way of transferring money emerged.

The 80’s were marked by the appearance of television sales, in which a resource as important as the catalog was used; the dynamic that gave off some anonymity in the trajectory, attracted many clients and became such an important event that channels were created just for it. “You only need a phone and a credit card available”, this kind of motto being the system that governs electronic purchases, regardless of the type of device used, in most they are chosen to be able to establish a connection with the seller and the customer.

There are many advantages regarding the choice of this medium as default to make purchases, because, as can be seen, it offers much more comfort and scope for the user, from whom he can calmly choose what he needs, being available for it a wide range of products. Although, in some cases scams are carried out, selling items that never reach the customer who ordered it; the criminals manage to convince the buyer to give his data or pressure him to make the payment before the transaction is completed.