Egyptian pyramids

Egyptian pyramids are known as one of the most perfect and impressive architectural works that the human being has managed to build, throughout history. It should also be noted that they are considered the only wonders of the ancient world that are still standing to this day, due to the perfection with which they were built, their magnificent size and their impressive shape.

These structures were a characteristic type of monument in ancient Egypt, and were built for strictly religious purposes. The pyramids were built so that the pharaohs could be kept in the chambers that were located inside them, waiting for the day of final judgment to be received in the world of spirits.

Experts assure that its construction was carried out by slaves and was based mainly on a simple appeal of stone blocks, however, this theory has now been questioned. Since there is a hypothesis that there were many sectors of Egyptian society that collaborated in the construction of these buildings. On the other hand, in terms of infrastructure, it required much more than a simple stacking since otherwise it would not have survived.

Inside the pyramids, there are generally very narrow and small tunnels that lead to the main chamber, which is located in the center of it. In the internal walls you can see incredible hieroglyphics engraved on the stone which had a religious meaning. It is probable that the pyramids had this form since it allowed human beings to be a little closer to the gods and the spiritual plane.

The pyramids have been characteristic constructions of many cultures apart from the Egyptian. The most renowned being the pyramids of Giza, located in Egypt, those of Teotihuacán, in Mexico, the Chichen Itzá also located in Mexico, the Inca pyramids in Peru and many like these many others. In addition to this, it is important to mention that the pyramids of Egypt are part of the famous 7 wonders of the world.