We speak of effort when some kind of sacrifice occurs to achieve something. It is present in all kinds of circumstances, such as at work, in sports, in study or in one’s life in general. In popular language there is a law associated with this concept: the law of least effort, a denomination that refers to people who seek to achieve their goals in a comfortable and easy way, without reaching any type of personal exhaustion.

Effort in the workplace is a determining factor. As a general criterion, those who show interest and commitment in carrying out their tasks, receives some type of reward, be it a new contract, a salary increase or other gratification.

On the other hand, less diligent and lazy people are generally penalized, since minimal effort implies lack of productivity.

Jobs can be classified in many ways, as some are well paid and easy to do and others are not; sometimes the effort factor is essential to classify the professional world. Among the jobs that require greater physical effort, we can highlight the miners, farmers and hotel maids.

On the other hand, in the sports context, effort is of the utmost importance as athletes need to train with dedication to achieve their goals. Success depends in large part on your ability to exert yourself.

It can be said that sporting achievements are related to two factors: the natural conditions of the athlete and the effort he uses in his activity.

This idea of ​​effort analyzed so far is generally associated with physical work, but we must not forget that there is also intellectual effort. This is done in several ways: trying to understand what is initially presented in a confusing way, with hours of isolated reading or doing exercises repeatedly until a certain issue or situation is understood.

We need motivation for everything, be it to study, work, play sports or simply to live. Motivation is not a mysterious force, but it can be understood as a vital form of energy.

The relationship between motivation and effort is evident: with the energy of motivation we are ready to make all kinds of sacrifice; Without that energy we feel powerless to fight for some goal.

Personal motivation comes from within us or from some external stimulus. On the other hand, motivation has an ingredient that infects others.