economic violence

Economic violence is any action carried out by an individual that affects the economic survival of another. It is presented through limitations, aimed at controlling the income obtained; as well as the perception of a lower salary for equal work, within the same workplace.

Economic violence is intended to coerce the autonomy of a person in the family group, which causes or could cause economic damage, or evade maintenance obligations. Like other forms of violence, its function is to generate dependence and fear, which help reinforce the primacy of the male head of the family, in a scheme of gender inequality that is prolonged thanks to violence.

This type of violence is framed within gender violence and refers to the inequality that exists in access to economic resources that should be shared between men and women. Some cases of economic violence in the home can occur in two ways:

When it is the man who plays the role of provider, that is, the man is the one who works and contributes all the money for the maintenance of the home, therefore he supervises and controls all the expenses. He may threaten the woman with leaving her on the street or take custody of her children.

Another way is when it is the man who “lives” off the woman, that is, the woman is the one who works to support the family or who contributes most of the money. The cunning man is in charge of manipulating her so that she gives him the money and manages it.

Elements that must be taken into account to identify that you are being a victim of economic violence:

When you do not have access to bank accounts, checkbooks, credit cards, etc.

You have to explain everything you spend; they deny you the money necessary to satisfy your needs (eat, dress, go to places of recreation, etc.)

They do not allow him to study or work; they refuse to pay child support.

You cannot participate in the economic decisions of the household.

The effects caused by this kind of violence are manifested in person with episodes of depression, low self-esteem, many women become beggars in their own home.

What to do in these cases?

The first thing is to recognize that you are a victim of economic violence and try to become independent, have self-confidence and try to obtain your own income.