The east is one of the cardinal points, also called east or lift, since it is where the sun rises or appears daily. Its name derives from the Latin “orĭens” which means to be born or appear, and its participle was used as an adjective for the word sun, in many ancient expressions and the elision of the word sun with these expressions, ended up associating the word with the cardinal point of the sun. “rising Sun”. Its opposite is the west, which is where the sun sets or hides daily.

In expansion, the East is understood as the group of countries that are to the East, divided by the Greenwich Meridian, whose languages ​​and cultures are traditionally different from the Western ones and this territory was named Asia, although some parts of Europe and Africa belong to the eastern extension; subdivided into three parts which are the Middle East which includes some Asian and Eastern European countries such as Iraq, the Gaza Strip and Egypt, Cyprus, Iran, the United Arab Emirates and Israel; then there is the Middle East, here are the countries located between the Indian Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, countries like Afghanistan, India and Pakistan; and then the Far East, which includes countries such as Korea, Japan, China, among others. Many cultures and languages ​​from different language families predominate in these western areas such as Indo-European, Afro-Asiatic and Altaic languages, these are Arabic, Persian or Farsi and Turkish are the most widely spoken in the region. Finally, it is worth highlighting another use of the word orient, this is to name the unique shine that pearls have.