The word dye comes from the Latin “dye”, the dye is a substance where the portion of matter shares certain intensive properties that gives color to an object or thing such as clothes that are garments made of different materials; the hair, which is a continuation of the scalp; the fabric is like a textile product that is the result of weaving threads, filaments or fibers, the dye is used in domestic environments it can be of the house, of the home or related to that, in order to change the appearance of worn and faded clothes by use or that is out of fashion.

On the other hand there are many natural dyes are those that refer to colorants or dyes derived from plants, invertebrates or minerals, dyes today contain chemicals and hair dyes that are divided into oxidants and non-oxidants, which is a chemical compound that oxidizes another substance in electrochemical or reduction-oxidation reactions.

In part of the wood, the dyes used are chemical products intended to fulfill a function where the tone color of the wood can be replaced, the tinting of the wood allows its color to be changed but it will always preserve its original color, in addition to the Wood stain can be solvent, synthetic, or aqueous.

Dyes contain medicinal properties such as iodine, which is a chemical element with atomic number, gentian violet, are groups of chemical compounds used as pH indicators and dyes, mercurochrome.