The digital video disc, or DVD (as it is popularly known), has been one of the most useful optical formats for many years, both for business and personal use. Among the many varieties of DVD is DVD-RAM, which is a rewritable DVD format.

DVD-RAM stands for: “Digital Versatile Disc Random Access Memory”. This disk allows writing, erasing and rewriting information on its surface, as if it were any other removable storage device (USB memory, floppy disk, etc.). – This is because this type of format does not require the help of special programs like Nero or Roxio to be able to work with it.

It is distinguished from other discs such as DVD-RW and DVD+RW, in that when working with it, there is no need to erase the entire disc to recover the space of the data that you want to erase, in addition to this, you can record to it directly. As if it were a USB stick.

At first, the discs had a capacity of 2.9 GB and were protected by a kind of casing called CADDY, which was not very practical for those reader units that had a tray: however, it was very necessary since DVD-RAM discs they are very susceptible and tend to get dirty and scratch easily.

The disks that are currently being marketed are 4.7 GB and do not have a protective casing, so they can be used by any reader/writer unit.

It is important to mention that the RAM, ROM, R and RW discs were manufactured by the DVD Forum company, which is why they are identified with the DVD logo on their surface. In relation to the symbols (+) and (-) that certain types of DVD present, they refer to the technical standards that each disc has and that, according to the criteria of each user, one will be better than the other, depending on the way it is found. designed for writing and for encoding data.

It should be added that this disc is one of the most versatile and practical DVD formats. Previously, its compatibility was reserved for those recorders in accordance with said format, however this has been changing since it has become very popular in home DVD recorders, in camcorders that make recordings in DVD-RAM and its participation as a format in multi-format computer recorders.