drug trafficking

Drug trafficking, from a gender point of view, is that commercial business or exchange of products illegally. The sale and distribution of psychotropic substances and narcotics is directly associated with drug trafficking, since this product, except drugs that have a medical use, are illegal given the dangerous consequences that consuming them brings. However, there are other types of drug trafficking that extend throughout the world, whose function is the same, the commercialization of goods and products outside the legal framework and exchange controls that exist.

Drug trafficking is one of the most sensitive issues that society has, because despite the harsh blows that the different state anti-drug organizations have given it, the path of drug trafficking has not stopped, and seems to be spreading as the time passes, as many more creative and extreme ways in which the illegal product is transported are discovered. It is called “Narcomula”, that person who transports the drug in small packages called “Dediles” inside his body, the narcomula travels from an airport to another country, where they wait for him to extract the package and thus collect large sums of money .

As well as the narcomula, there are also many methods, in Latin America, clandestine runways have been discovered for ghost flights to land, drug manufacturing laboratories in the jungles of Central America and even direct links with high-ranking institutions that are supposed to monitor and control the drug trafficking One of the countries that has the most drug trafficking organizations is Mexico, the so-called “Cartels” are made up of dangerous criminals and entities that move their money and profits from drugs throughout the country, they have contacts throughout the world for the distribution of the drug if something goes wrong, they unscrupulously murder people who have debts with them.

In Colombia, there is a border guerrilla also in charge of being an institution in drug trafficking, but also of weapons and supplies for its army, which is hidden in the Amazon jungle and the border with Venezuela. Organizations such as the FARC are dedicated to kidnappings in Colombia, as well as terrorist attacks in the main cities of the country. In Asian countries, drug trafficking or human trafficking has now been known, which are poor and unfortunate immigrants in search of a job opportunity or social stability in another country, but when they arrive there they find themselves in a state of slavery, such as the one that history showed us when the time of colonization of the Spanish towards the Africans.