A drone is an aerial vehicle that flies without a crew. Its name is derived from the English drone, which in Spanish means “male bee”. There are drones of various sizes and with different purposes. However, it is important to indicate that these types of machines have existed for a long time, despite the fact that their manufacture was somewhat expensive and that they did not have the characteristics that they currently have.

The most outstanding feature of a drone is that its flight is controlled by remote control, although there are some that are driven through the intervention of software and not directly by a pilot from the ground. Drones can be of two types: those that resemble an airplane and those that resemble a helicopter, which can hover statically in the air.

These artifacts have their origin in the military context, since it was there that this type of aerial robot with cameras, GPS and all kinds of sensors was designed, to be used as a weapon, for combat or surveillance missions. However, currently the use of these aircraft goes beyond seeking a warlike purpose, their sale and distribution is oriented towards various uses, such as: in scientific studies, for taking pictures and videos, among others. .

As already mentioned, the drones are manipulated by remote control, or through applications for tablets or Smartphones. Currently it is possible to find apps developed for iOS and Android. The companies in charge of manufacturing drones aim to make it increasingly intuitive and easy to use for all people.

Here are some of the tasks performed by a drone:

In events, it is very common to see these little planes flying over football matches, showing the entire match from above and at different angles. Similarly, they can be seen at fashion shows and street protests. They are very useful, since as an advantage they are able to fly at a shorter distance than a normal helicopter. They are very useful for photojournalism.

In emergency situations, they are of great help as they can reach areas that are difficult to access. The importance of its utility was demonstrated in areas that have been devastated by natural disasters. Its flight speed makes it possible to travel over very wide areas in a short time. Managing to bring the required help.

Control of forest fires, in this case the drone is in charge of collecting all the necessary information to anticipate fire prevention, Spain has been one of the pioneers in the design of drones for the prevention and control of fires.

In short, these artifacts are here to stay, every day their uses are more diverse, the increase in creativity of their functions and applications seem to be infinite.