A download or download, in computing it can be said that it is used as a synonym for “lower”, and “download” is a term that comes from English, composed of “down” which means “down” and “load” indicates that it is “load”, this refers to a copy of data that is usually an entire file that can be documents, audios, videos, programs, etc. These files are transmitted from an Internet or from a remote computer, which are a variety of different methods to control remote computers, but it will also depend on what type of input to the computer it requires and what type of remote activities it has to carry out towards the hard drive. from a local computer.

Most of the entities use this method to acquire information of what they need either in a cyber or with their own computers to be able to transfer to the files on the web pages, which is one of the most used terms on the Internet.

The download is used as the transfer of a file from an online service to a beneficiary’s computer where the entities can download files from the Internet, through the www pages, which are the acronyms of the English expression World Wide Web, network world informatics, which is a logical method of entering and searching for information available on the Internet, where the informative units are web pages.

FTP in computing is a network protocol for the transmission of files between the methods connected to a TCP network, which is the transmission control protocol, it is based on the architecture of clients and services.

IRC is a subscriber-based, real-time communication protocol that accesses discussions between two or more people, among others.