This is a term used in Ayurveda or Ayurvedic medicine. It is fundamentally about the three basic energies that human beings enjoy, these energies are also called humors, which are specifically named vata, pitta or kapha, and are directly related to the mental, spiritual and physical states of people. As Ayurveda is a way of perceiving life in the world, it is characterized by focusing that the existing energy is distributed in different ways, taking into account space, air, fire, water and earth as essential or fundamental elements of nature. which are known in this field as Dosha and is capable of introducing the energy of these elements that make up the universe to people through the three dosha mentioned above.

Because each person is different in every way, each one has their own way of perceiving the energy that nature provides, for this reason there is a lifestyle and mental, physical and spiritual health for each one. The vata dosha refers to everything that has movement, it is about the mobility that the body has, it includes both the speed with which a thought is produced in the brain and what can pass through the organism, it is said that vein humor is constituted by the combination of air and space, so it must be taken into account that it is characterized by having similarities to these elements, such as the fact that it is cold, dry, light and mobile.

The pitta dosha is related to high temperature or heat, it is said that its structure is made up of the elements of fire and water, however the one who has dominion over this dosha is fire, because of them its characteristics are stronger, such as heat sharp and penetrating, the luminosity but at the same time combined with the liquid. The kapha dosha is made up of the elements water and earth, tending to be fresh and humid like these elements while being stable and strong, its meaning is related to what flourishes in water, they are also characterized by being heavy , slow, cold, liquid and dense.