A Doodle is a special design alluding to any situation that decorates the main page of Google. Doodles in recent years have become pieces of art. A Doodle is basically a change of the Google logo, the most used search engine in the world, the Google logo does not stop saying “Google” but these letters are changed by letters of another type or simply add a decoration. Each Doodle has its reason and explanation, when you click on some of them, you are redirected to a page where you can find the story or the explanation of why the Google logo is like this today.

From a few years to now, Google Doodles have evolved, to become complex animations in which you can even interact with them, their showiness causes the user to at least walk the mouse over the drawing to discover the reason for the decoration . In this way, Google contributes to world culture, since it shares with the whole world information and stories from countries that sometimes we don’t even know.

This concept stems from the creativity of its creators, Larry and Sergey, who one day played with the corporate logo to announce their attendance at the Burning Man Festival held in the Nevada desert. To do this, the drawing of a stick figure was placed behind the second “o” of the word Google. It was a funny idea at first, the joke was to let everyone know that they weren’t working at the time and that they were at that event. The image created a wave of rumors that ranged from the fact that they were going to change the Google logo forever, to that Google had gone bankrupt and was going to be sold. But in short, after clarifying each point, the idea turned out to be viable, so they decided to continue with the project.

At first the Doodles were very limited to important dates worldwide, but then the cultural character that these Doodles contributed to humanity was understood, so today these decorations of the logo, in addition to making it known that in Google everything is creativity and inventiveness foster cultural development globally.