Home automation is a term used in the area of ​​technology, to refer to everything that constitutes the control and supervision of all the elements that make up a building made up of offices or simply a home. It is a group of technologies that are adapted to exercise control and systematization within a home, in order to provide efficient use of energy, as well as provide security and comfort; thus allowing communication between the beneficiary and the system.

This type of system allows the collection of information through sensors that are responsible for processing and transmitting orders to actuators or outputs. Home automation emerges as a solution to all the demands raised by the new trends and modifications that are part of the new way of living for people, allowing through it the design of houses and dwellings that are much more humanized, flexible and multifunctional.

Over time, home automation has advanced remarkably, and is currently presented as a firmer proposal. The home automation control system is incorporated into the electrical power network and is combined with the other networks with which they have links such as television or telephony, as well as information technologies, in addition to complying with the installation regulations adjusted to each of them.

Home automation offers people a series of factors that contribute to improving the user’s quality of life: it allows energy savings, since it intelligently executes everything related to lighting, appliances, hot water in the bathroom, etc. It promotes accessibility, facilitating the handling of household items for people with disabilities. Provides security through automatic surveillance of people, goods and animals, through surveillance cameras, personal alarms, automatic closing of all slots or openings. It guarantees communication through remote supervision control of the house through your telephone or computer, which facilitates the entry of notices about any abnormality, as well as information on the operation of the equipment and its facilities.