Documentary film

A documentary is nothing more than the recording of an aspect of real life, shown through cameras that allow access to numerous people; There are numerous parameters to meet when developing or making a documentary, these will be classified according to the materials used, the figure of the narrator in the video and the nature of the materials used (recreations, real, etc.), in this way can identify the variability of the documentaries that would go from a purely real documentary to the “docudrama”, where the protagonists of the narrated events participate in the video acting under the role of themselves.

Among the types of documentaries can be identified:

  1. Focused on a fact, it is when the event experienced by an individual is the main basis of the film, the documentary of this type is made up of three segments: the initial event or the event, fragments of the past that can give an indication of what led to the event developed and segments of the future where it is exposed how the end of the person who caused the incident was.
  2. Identification of processes, in which events that are related to each other occur, each situation complements the previous one, therefore it allows the viewer to identify which is the central theme of all the registered issues.
  3. History, is a film dedicated to reporting all the facts about an event that already happened many years ago; it seeks to maintain all the characteristic features of the time, which allows the user to be able to travel through time, in a historical cinematographic work it is not sought to reflect the whole matter and those involved in a main idea, it generally focuses in the point of view of a person or the objective that this has for the development of the story.
  4. Chronicles of a trip, with the use of the documentary, it is sought to reflect all the characteristics and nuances observed in the undertaking of a long trip to a specific place. Generally the trips reported in documentaries are those that involve many days to reach the final destination, which are undertaken by sea or land.