The word settle is defined as the search for solutions that allow the overcoming of inconveniences that may hinder the arrangement and consummation of an issue or business. When looking for solutions that allow a conflict to be resolved in particular, reason is the fundamental tool that every individual must apply.

The application of reasoning will allow the person to carry out some approach, which at first glance seems complicated and out of all understanding, however, people must learn to settle this type of inconvenience, thinking of viable alternatives that put an end to to those conflicts.

Before settling difficulties, the first thing to keep in mind is to identify the inconvenience in question, since if the existence of the inconvenience is ignored or not determined exactly, there will be no need to settle. Once the problem is identified, it is necessary to develop a plan that allows the creation of actions that lead to the solution of said problem. For example, the government of a country may suggest that in order to solve the problem of insecurity and poverty, it is necessary to apply policies that provide direct assistance to the most disadvantaged sectors, through the creation of jobs, improvement of security agencies, promoting private investment, combating inflation, etc. Of course, this could only be achieved in the long term; but that would undoubtedly help to solve so many problems that afflict many in countries today.

It is very important to highlight that to settle conflicts it is not necessary to apply violence, it is necessary for people to learn to resolve conflicts in a more reasonable way, always applying dialogue before force.