Distilled water

Distilled water is any water that has undergone a rigorous distillation process, which is carried out with the aim of eliminating impurities.

For this reason, it can be said that distilled water is also drinking water, due to the fact that it only contains two atoms of hydrogen and one of oxygen. This type of water is characterized by lacking any type of microorganism or foreign particles, which could be harmful to the body, such as chlorine.

Many are the individuals who choose to distill the water that comes directly to the tap of their homes. However, there are people who indicate that ingesting distilled water can be harmful to the body. However, various investigations have shown that the osmotic pressure between mineral water and distilled water is very low, therefore the supposed dangers are underestimated.

The process to distill the water is based on the elimination of the various components found in the water, for this it is necessary that it be subjected to the water, to various processes that include condensation and vaporization, in order to carry out this procedure, it is It is necessary to have a distiller on hand, this tool is not so easy to obtain, since it is not a very common item without mentioning the fact that its cost is quite high, however there are much simpler and cheaper alternatives to achieve purification water, although these methods do not guarantee 100% purity.

The uses of distilled water can be very varied, among them human consumption stands out, since people consider that tap water may contain elements that represent a danger to health. Another of its applications is in the industrial field, since it is very useful for cleaning the different machinery, in the same way it is used in places such as hospitals, laboratories and other similar places since it is totally free of polluting agents. Finally, in the beauty industry, it is used as an ingredient in the preparation of products for application to the skin.