Discomfort is usually called the sensation of physical decompensation, which occurs as a consequence of an inappropriate functioning of the organism, which is, in general, perceived as vague, but determinant of the patient’s attitude. In the same way, it can be said that discomfort is the state of mind in which both the comfort and the tranquility of someone are altered, due to the previous experience of a traumatic or worrying situation. It is often used as a synonym for fatigue, the lack of strength after undergoing the practice of strong physical and intellectual activities, or due to having little sleep.

In the health sciences, malaise is often referred to as a prodrome, the name given to the first symptoms that indicate a disease. These generally apply to common diseases and conditions, such as the flu, hepatitis, measles, and herpes simplex. In highly complex psychological disorders, such as schizophrenia, there is also talk of prodromal phases. The discomforts, although it can simply be an immediate response of the body to a malfunction of the organism, have the ability to indicate, according to the areas affected, the presence of certain infections; If attention is paid to them, the progress of complicated diseases can be slowed down.

On some occasions, the feeling of discomfort can be caused, unconsciously, by the patient himself, following a typical pattern of diseases such as hypochondria, also known as hypochondria, in which the person is capable of feeling down or sick, without actually being so. . This can be treated by consulting a psychiatric professional, who will determine the appropriate treatment.