Disclosure Article

A popular article is a brief note or writing, conducted to a general public, through written communication, that is to say, written media such as newspapers and magazines are particularly used for publication; These writings are characterized by having a common and understandable language with the purpose of transmitting and explaining certain discoveries, ideas, facts or concepts on technological, scientific, social, cultural issues, among others. In a popular article, a complete and absolute investigation must be made about the topic raised, in this the author must explain the reasons why this is done, along with the background, a conclusion where it shows the results and the benefits of this investigation, to be published later.

Popular articles, as already said, can be addressed to different types of public or can refer to different fields, such as the social field, such as the theory of evolution, the history of astronomy, among many others; but many times they are more inclined to popularizing science, which encompasses all those scientific theories such as the theory of relativity, recent discoveries or advances in science. The publication of these articles is almost always done in newspapers, magazines and from time to time they are also done through specialized websites on that subject; Next, the writings have the peculiarity of containing a simple language, that is to say that they avoid words or phrases with a lot of technicality, or scientific, so that they can be clearly understood by all types of public, and what is proposed is understood. in them. Another common feature of popular articles is that they include photographs, graphs, images that help complement the information.

Today, there are different media where you can see how information is disseminated, so to speak, information on different topics, whether scientific, social, technological, etc. such as in television documentaries, newspaper articles, magazines, internet pages among others. It should be noted that there are television channels such as National Geographic or Discovery Channel that are dedicated to scientific disclosures in their programming.