Direct and Indirect Discrimination

Discrimination occurs when an employer or other institution makes decisions about people based on their sex, national origin, race, color, ethnicity, age, disability, or religion. This is illegal in the United States under the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Act.

Direct discrimination occurs when a person with a disability is, has been, or could be treated less favorably than someone who is not, in a similar or comparable situation.

Indirect discrimination occurs when an apparently neutral provision, criterion or practice may cause a particular disadvantage to persons with disabilities relative to other persons without disabilities. However, this provision, criterion or practice may be justified if its purpose is legitimate and the means to verify that purpose are proportionate and necessary.

Words like:

She’s just an Indian girl selling gum! How will that brown hair of our boss?. These are the nacos who live in the State of Mexico. Indigenous peoples are poor and dirty. The maids have no rights, only obligations. She is mentally retarded! I don’t want you hanging out with that mannered kid.

As can be seen, these expressions reflect the persistence of stereotypes that stigmatize the individual or social appearance or behavior of people. However, it is important to be clear that discrimination is not always expressed so explicitly, nor does it mean that it only works against certain groups of people. There are many subtle ways to discriminate. That is why Non-Discrimination is considered a universal right and an essential condition to make equality a daily reality.

The United States has been the country that has suffered the most from the ravages of racial discrimination. At the beginning of the last century, black citizens were considered less than their own garbage and, for example, were prohibited from drinking water from public sources, using the same bathroom as whites and another of the most unusual in which blacks had to sit . The rear seats when traveling by bus to leave the white seats in the front.