It is the number that on maps fulfills the function of indicating the height of a point above sea level or on another level plane. On the other hand, the aforementioned height of a point above sea level or any other level plane is called elevation.

Also, when you want to refer to the importance, the value of something is called dimension. His speech has had an unexpected dimension. For its part, it is called a dimension line to that line that is used in the representation of plans in technical drawing and that has the mission of determining the measurements of the pieces represented in a plan. Meanwhile, the elements that make up a dimension line are as follows: line parallel to the surface of the measurement object; symbols that indicate the beginning and the end of a dimension, are placed at the ends; the dimension figure above the dimension line, the numerical value of the length that the dimension holds is assigned, likewise, the minimum and maximum tolerances and auxiliary dimension lines can be established, these are those perpendicular lines to be dimensioned and that will delimit the dimension lines. According to what is established, these lines should protrude from the dimension lines by approximately 2 mm.

This term was also used to refer to the clothing used by the kings in their public actions or body protection made of leather and iron.

This was armor made up of rings of iron or steel that interlock in a pattern. The origin of these coats of mail, also called jacerine coats, is found in the Celtic peoples, who began to manufacture them in the 5th century BC

If, on the other hand, cota derives from the Latin quota, it can refer to a quota (a proportional part or an amount that must be paid), to a level or to a height. For example: “It is expected that, during the weekend, the snow level will drop to 300 meters”, “The level of the dam should increase so that the neighbors do not suffer problems in the water supply”, ” The Central Bank analyzes modifying the level of the currency”.