Digital is a term associated with technology, although initially it was used to denote everything related to fingers, it began to be used when technological science made its presence in the different fields in which it is known. The important thing between the two definitions of digital that is known could be the interaction that human beings can have with computers or any digital device that includes a capacity that is used with the fingers.

Therefore, the digital comprises an entirely technological world. Computers were designed under a binary code which establishes its functions through an interaction of languages, any software, application or operator that is developed in the digital environment must be considered part of the computer and as such a basis of modern technology. which is complemented in a uniform way.

Previously, everything was handled in an environment of less simple machines, that is known as Analog, this world includes a series of more palpable mechanisms, for example, the analog clock is an instrument made up of a machinery of gears and nuts that allow its operation, a digital watch has a device that acts as a motherboard and a screen that shows the action emitted by its brain center, that is, the time.

Daily life has been significantly simplified since the application of technology and the digital, the analog has been left aside so that the smallest, the most comfortable and even the most practical is purely digital.

Digital is already a term that defines any machinery that is computerized, no matter its nature, man has dedicated himself to structuring a digital system to live in it, the basics are digital, the complex is also digital, which in a moment it was an engine that was based on force, today it is controlled by a processor that sends orders, even human labor has been changed for digital, this is a logical reasoning for those who expect science fiction to become reality.