Digital journalism

Also called cyberjournalism, it is the convergence of different media into one, the Internet. But it is not just about disseminating the different media through a large network, it also involves the entire journalism process taking advantage of the resources offered by technology, promoting the constant development of information that the audience can receive at any time and place.

It is considered to be of “recent creation” and the differences between the authors are greater than the coincidences, the concept of digital journalist is immersed in an even greater discussion.

For some, the digital journalist is the one who develops his journalistic work through the Internet, however, we must think that this concept is still very ambiguous and limited if we stop for a second to think about the number of tools that are available for the information workers who make use of New Information and Communication Technologies (NTIC).

For a digital journalist, information is presented differently than a traditional journalist. The former must be able to report quickly, precisely and concisely and must be familiar with the new tools offered by the hypertext language so that the communication process on the web can be completely efficient.

Internet has the capability of multimedia, unlike traditional media. This means that audio, video, infographic products, hypertext links are incorporated simultaneously, capable of amplifying the informative value of the genres published in online media.

Digital journalists must know the subject of technologies in order to carry out the development of these resources.

In order to prepare an online newspaper, the digital journalist must have an academic background in digital journalism, or at least have a specialized profile that enables him/her. In addition, the digital journalist must be able to contrast the information through navigation.

Most of the newspapers, television channels and some radios have a space on the Internet to complement their media, however, cybermedia can function independently, since it has three new tools for journalism: multimedia, hypertextuality and interactivity.