Diet word from the Latin “diaeta” and this in turn derives from the Greek “dayta”, whose meaning is life regimen. Diet is a natural behavior of living beings, which consists of eating food in order to survive. This reflects a habit of primordial order for living beings, whether animal, vegetable, or human beings, which feed with the purpose of surviving, this is due to biological reasons so that if this need is not satisfied, each The body would suffer irreversible damage, which in the worst case would be death.

In the case of human beings, this concept has been poorly implemented, because many associate diet with a strict regimen to lose weight or food restriction. However, when starting a specific diet, it is necessary to consult a specialist (nutritionist), who will help you find a healthy way to eat according to a list of nutrients necessary for the body.

There are some aspects that determine the type of food that each person eats, these could be economic, cultural, geographical and social. For example, a person who lives in China does not have the same eating habits as a person who lives in the United States, because her culture is different and therefore her diet is also different.

Among the types of diet that we find in human beings, are the vegetarian (focuses on a diet with vegetables and vegetables); then we have the omnivorous diet (based on the consumption of animal and plant foods), carnivorous diet (food of animal origin); finally there are the therapeutic ones (they are the ones that alter the nutrient composition when there is a disease).

It is important for each individual to have a diet based on a balanced diet (good eating habits), because this will help improve their ability to live, avoid health problems and problems of being overweight.