The word devil comes from the Latin “diabolus” and this in turn from the Greek “diabolos”. This term has many meanings, one of them occurs in the religious plane, the Catholic Christian religion defines the devil as an evil being, who seeks to tempt man, inciting him to sin. The Hebrew Bible assigns him the name of Satan, which means “adversary”, referring to the accuser of men before God. In the New Testament, the origin of the devil is written (John 8:44) as an angel of Yahweh. According to some ancient documents, the real name of this being in heaven was Lucifer, but once he turned against God, he changed his name to Satan.

In the book of Isaiah (14:12-15), the story of this character is told, of the ambition he felt to reach beyond God. In the book of the apocalypse he is described as a rabid being who knows that he does not have much time left and that he was thrown to earth.

The most common names given to the devil in the Bible are: Satan, Lucifer, Belial, “the father of lies”, “great dragon”. There have been many images used to personify the devil, however the most popular is the one where he appears as a beast, with horns, tail and goat legs; in addition to being red for coming from hell. Another image is that of a seven-headed dragon.

On the other hand, there are many popular expressions, where the word devil is taken, and that people usually apply in conversations, for example: “that man was going like a devil”, to refer that he was going too fast.