It is Despotism is that negative attitude that is characterized by the mistreatment exerted by one or several people to a group of people who have inferior conditions in terms of power. This term is commonly attributed to governments with the character of dictatorship, in which the organization or administration of the state to be able to take control of the functions of society regardless of their human rights, violating any precept of peace and world coexistence that is have been able to establish.

The dictatorships that have arisen in the world, such as Hitler’s in Germany and Europe, the one that still in force maintains a social factor for the North Korean people, those that have been experienced in Venezuela and Cuba maintain a despotic character in front of ordinary citizens , for the simple fact that they do not have any kind of scope to the power that only the government administration can grant.

In medieval and enlightenment times, despotism was considered a favorable form of government, because it guided the people along the path of enlightening knowledge and provided society with the necessary tool for the cultural and social evolution of man. We are specifically talking about the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries in which the ecclesiastical reigns in addition to offering a clear control of the illustration and the norm, provided a physical representation of the divinity, therefore, this faith and knowledge despotism was “favorable” for the village.

Nowadays, in addition to using the term despotism as a qualifying adjective to forms of government, it is also used to indicate those people who because they have more than others feel superior, regardless of whether they belong to a similar stratum. Despotism has been a term that has been used historically in various events, in the same way that important figures in contemporary world history have tried to end it. Nelson Mandela, one of the most important exponents of peace and freedom, fought and endured many years in prison because of Apartheid, a trend that isolated blacks in Africa and inhibited them from the smallest rights that only despots whites could enjoy.