A design is the end result of a process, whose objective is to find an ideal solution to a certain particular problem, but trying as much as possible to be practical and at the same time aesthetic in what is done. In order to carry out a good design, it is necessary to apply different methods and techniques in such a way that it can be reflected either in sketches, drawings, sketches or diagrams what you want to achieve in order to reach its production and in this way achieve the most suitable and emblematic appearance possible.

Whoever designs is known as a designer, he is an individual who basically must have certain characteristics, such as having the gift of imagination and creativity and at the same time must have expert knowledge of what he is doing, coupled with the necessary technical skills. in order to be able to carry out the pertinent investigations on the design that you wish to carry out. There are specialists in different fields of design, for example fashion designers (dresses and outfits), technology designers (computers and phones), web designers (structure and form of web pages) and many more.

A design is basically about the different forms that an object can take, taking into account that it must have visual harmony, without losing sight of the functions that it must fulfill. There are those who say that the secret ingredient of a good design is the beauty that it has, making the product transcend in all possible ways so that in this way its user feels a great gratifying pleasure when being able to experience its use, however, it should be forgotten that its functionality is extremely important.

Most of the time what is sought when creating a design is to solve the needs that may arise in certain situations, and apart from that, the beauty that is applied to it can be seen as a concept that is somehow subjective and cultural, for For example, the designs created in the Middle East (taking into account attire or clothing and architecture) are very different from those we have, since we perceive the aesthetics of these objects differently.