The term desecration is used to define the disrespectful use of objects or institutions considered sacred. Therefore, by profaning, something is offended or outraged by its characteristics, deserves respect. This terrible action has been considered throughout history, an absolutely reprehensible practice. However, despite being reprehensible, it is an act that has become very common, especially for those who feel hatred and rejection of certain religions or cultures.

During ancient times, in Rome a special practice was carried out, this consisted of making a certain thing sacred, so that in this way it would be worthy of respect and enjoy the protection of the gods. This ceremony was known as “consecratio”. Therefore, anyone who disrespects an object that has been consecrated became a criminal and was punished.

The anti-Semitic rejection that many extremist organizations have manifested has been evidenced through the desecration of graves in the various Jewish cemeteries that exist in the world. Offensive words written on the graves are some of the desecrations that these groups usually carry out when they want to express their hatred towards the Jewish civilization.

In the Catholic religion, the desecration of the host that is delivered during communion can be mentioned, for example if a person receiving the consecrated host spits it out or throws it on the ground and steps on it, he is committing an act of desecration to the same. In general, these types of actions are carried out by people who belong to some sect or worship the dark.

These types of people have had the audacity to use consecrated hosts to perform all kinds of rituals, black masses, witchcraft, etc.

In the same way, robberies in Catholic churches have become very frequent; it seems that respect for the sacred was lost a long time ago, the lack of values ​​in society has caused this type of reprehensible actions.

Another type of desecration that has been very common lately is that of tombs, these actions are committed by people who practice santeria and spiritism, who take the skulls of the dead to carry out their practices. The Catholic Church strongly condemns these facts, since for religion, a person’s body is an earthly temple, which is honored by their relatives, once their spirit is fired it goes to the kingdom of God.