The reservoir is the geographical accumulation of a material that can be useful to man, said material can be solid (minerals, rock or fossil) or fluid (oil or natural gas). In addition, it is considered the place where archaeological remains (utensils, ceramics, animals or human beings from prehistoric times) are found. The geological deposits of minerals and hydrocarbons have a great economic interest in the market, which causes their infinite exploration and exploitation, especially in the case of oil. Nowadays, large oil companies are looking for deposits from which to extract it, since this resource has become very important on our planet in recent years, as a source of energy.

An archaeological site is a space in which there is a concentration of remains of human activity. There are many around the world, and their discovery is usually fortuitous (when carrying out works such as roads, subways, tunnels, etc.). Other times you operate on a trail without knowing very well what you can find.

On the other hand, there are the employment deposits, also called as occupation seams. They describe those work activities that meet new social needs.