The dentist is the health professional dedicated to maintaining the oral health of their patients in good condition, taking care to evaluate in detail the condition of the teeth, gums, tongue and areas adjacent to them, in order to identify anomalies in the position of the teeth. the teeth or diseases that could be affecting them or the gums. Its science is dentistry, also known as stomatology, whose objectives are focused on the maintenance and evaluation of the oral cavity and its elements, as mentioned above, in addition to the jaw and the neuromuscular system.

The pains that occurred in the stomatognathic system in ancient times are the same as now, with the difference that today’s humans have advanced technology, with which delicate and efficient care can be provided. However, 5,000 years ago, it was not available, so quick and accessible solutions had to be found when it came to relieving dental pain. One of the oldest techniques found dates back to 3000 years before our era and was located in an Egyptian region, with Hessie-Re being its main practitioner. Even Aristotle, a disciple of Plato and a great philosopher, wrote a document on primitive dental procedures, where he described the use of wires to extract teeth and treat discomfort in them.

Dentistry, for its part, can specialize in different areas, the best known being those dedicated to the rehabilitation of teeth and the oral cavity in general, in addition to cosmetics. Dentists, likewise, can choose between dedicating themselves to the care of the stomatognathic apparatus or the bone components that surround it.