Within the field of theology, demonology represents a specialty that is responsible for studying everything related to demonic entities and all their links, focusing on their origins and nature. It is an area of ​​study that is linked to angiology (discipline that studies angels). Demonology explains everything about demons: Who are they? And what are their methods of attack.

According to these studies, satan and all his demons are fallen angels, beings that are in conflict with God and humanity. Therefore, demonology helps people to be aware of its existence and also helps them resist its temptations. Temptations that only seek for man to sin and move away from God.

According to ancient records, the current demonology arises and develops based on the Christian demonology of the West, this happens during the Middle Ages and is due to an agreement made at that time, specifically in the year 1846, about witches and demons. This agreement deals with the existence of witches and demons, their characteristics, their power and how they can be recognized.

According to the Old Testament, Satan is an angel who was subject to God and who was expelled from heaven by the Most High, for wanting to be more than Him and from then on he has only been in charge of generating evil on earth.

The truth is that demons as such are dark beings that for some are unreal beings, that only symbolize what is really good and evil.

Science for its part does not share these theories raised by demonology, a situation that has caused various debates among scientists, who consider demons as beings based on superstition and those who are in favor of demonology.