We speak of Demand when it refers to a request, demand is directly asking for something, making a request for something, a demand is made when the plaintiff demands that something of his property be delivered to him or that he be given a right. In legal terms, lawsuits are created to resolve a conflict, in general, a lawsuit is filed against a process that affects some management, in case of theft, losses in a business in which there are documents that validate certain clauses and these are violated by one of the parties.

The word Demand from the generic point of view defines a request, it is requested that something be delivered or some task be fulfilled, however, the application of the word Demand is more common in the fields of law and economics. A lawsuit is a process through which an accusing party demands that the law be applied in the face of a serious offense committed by the defendant, this procedure is called a trial, in which a judge and judging box analyzes and decides the possibilities and defenses from both angles. A lawsuit seeks in most cases that justice be enforced according to the provisions of the constitution and laws derived from it, all as a result of a problem that harms the person who demands the solution or punishes the person who has the power to do it. The demands are accompanied by a series of justifications necessary to be able to be presented before a court, otherwise, if there is no evidence, testimony or a convincing defense, it is omitted.

Another use that is given to the word demand falls in the field of marketing, since the demand is to describe the capacity of a product to be requested, that is, how much the consumer needs to acquire a product. Of course, the greater the demand for a product or service by customers, the production of companies increases, creating a sense of progress in profits by approvable logic. Now, the demand for a product is identified according to the impact it has on the market according to the time on the shelves. Advertising and all the tools that are used to make said product or service known are the best indicator that what is being distributed is going in a good or bad way. The consideration of customers for a highly demanded product is such that the buying and selling process can be done wholesale or retail according to the amount of product that is in stock and that the consumer wants, it is a process of constant fluctuation. .