Deja vu

Deja vu, how many times have you not had the feeling that you are in a place where you have already been? And even more, doing the same thing, thinking the same, with the same clothes, the same intentions and even the same expressions. Deja vu is a term that describes a moment in which it seems that you have already done it, with the same characteristics and you realize, like a memory, when in reality, that has never happened, you could even say that it is a dream. but it’s the first time it’s happened. Derived from Deja vu, there are two terms which indicate two kinds of sensation, the first is Dèjá vecú, which describes the moment in which a person feels that they have already lived and experienced the same experience, so similar that it is like if I repeated it and Leave Felt, which gives us only a vague sensation, without memories or images, only the discreet idea that what is happening has already happened.

These strange terms are attributed to the French parapsychologist Émile Boirac, in the 19th century. Parapsychology is a pseudoscience, which studies abnormal phenomena outside of what is scientifically proven. This gives us an idea regarding the foundations of a Deja vu, they are the product of our imagination, work done with a compilation of anecdotes and memories that make us understand things that are not reality, this does not mean that when a person that she is presenting a deja vu is crazy, but it must be clear that they are part of an unusual phenomenon of the brain.

The Deja vu when they become a constant pathology, they are considered a psychiatric mental failure, the study of these anomalies can be verified by repetitive symptoms in which the patient feels that any situation is a Deja vu, this disease is chronic, and therefore It is generally associated with drug or alcohol problems, as well as being characteristic of patients with Alzheimer’s. There are those who claim that deja vu is a divine sign that indicates that everything you are doing on your way is fine, however, the parapsychological interpretation of deja vu is not clear.