Degree derives from the medieval Latin “licenciatūra”, which in turn comes from “licentiare” which means to license. The bachelor’s degree is the title that is obtained after certain studies carried out that lasts from 4 to 6 years and is responsible for training competent teachers and professionals to transmit knowledge and form integral subjects that help them learn, educate and guide children, adults and the elderly in the process of academic development. On the other hand, when you obtain this degree, it means that you are a person capable of fulfilling a series of tasks in a certain field.

There are many types of bachelor’s degrees such as bachelor’s degrees in management, computer science, psychology, medicine, law, nursing, engineering, graphic design, physical education, computer science, telecommunications, industrial chemistry, etc.

The degree in administration is the one that is in the theoretical framework and is in charge of directing, analyzing, interpreting and leading the processes of general and organizational changes that are developed in the national and international scenarios of public and private institutions.
Degree in computer science, is responsible for developing and expanding new methodologies for the realization of programming packages, to perform administrative functions with new production companies and computer services, is also responsible for designing, managing the database system in the computing.

Degree in psychology, studies and understands the characteristics and specialties of the human being so that they learn to explain, interpret, act, feel, develop and improve the behavior of the human being and thus learn to solve problems or behavior individually.

Bachelor of Medicine, trains medical leaders with excellent academic activity that apply knowledge, attitudes, skills and activities with critical judgment and meeting the standards of high-quality medical practice through health promotion, specific protection, actions timely diagnosis and treatment, which they use for patient care at other levels of care or health professionals.

And as well as those previously exposed, there are many other types of degrees for the development of the human being.