From English deforestation. The translation and meaning according to the dictionary of the Royal Academy is “to strip a land of forest plants”. The word Deforestation is what we commonly call felling or cutting trees, this criminal act is unfortunately caused by human beings. The main cause of this human action towards nature is the lumber industry, paper manufacturers and those engaged in agricultural and livestock activities.

Here in Venezuela it can be said that another of the factors causing deforestation is poverty and the lack of housing policies that have led people to invade the mountains and cut down the trees to build their homes without thinking about the damage they are doing. causing.

Among the consequences of deforestation we can name:

  • The destruction of the soil due to erosion.
  • The loss of flora and fauna.
  • It generates global warming.
  • We must become aware of this issue since it affects us directly, it depends on us whether this ecocide that is done to our trees increases or decreases, among some proposals would be those of promoting the planting of trees by the organisms in charge of the conservation of the environment, include communities and schools, supervise those companies that manufacture furniture and paper so that for every 100 trees they cut down, they plant 200.

    Conserving the forests and using them more rationally, not destroying the most important species and allowing them to regenerate with their own seeds.

    Deforestation presents us with innumerable problems as well as solutions, it is up to us to try to implement these solutions as quickly as possible and thus avoid further loss of trees and resources that years ago we thought would not be exhausted and that unfortunately we realize that reality is other.