The deficiency comes from the Latin word ´´Deficientia´´ which means ´´the quality of badly done´´ and its lexical components are the prefix of ´´direction from top to bottom´´ and the suffix ia ´´quality´´, the deficiency it can be applied to things whether real or unreal, concrete or abstract as a very pejorative term and in people it is considered that individuals have different capacities or efficiencies and it is directed more than anything at disabled people who are mistakenly considered efficient.

The deficiency misaligns the way of behaving that reveals an abnormal functioning of the intellect, it means that it is the human capacity to understand and reason understanding and intelligence, and it is the reasoning that is expected due to the age and sexuality of the person. In this case, when they realize the qualities of a person, which can be applied in the workplace to indicate that the individual does not perform their activities correctly.
There are two types of deficiency, motor deficiency and growth hormone deficiency.

Motor deficiency, this causes individuals who suffer from some dysfunction in the musculoskeletal system, which can produce postural limitations, which is the posture of movement or movement coordination of people who have difficulties moving or coordinating their movements.

Growth hormone deficiency is a disorder caused by inadequate production or growth of growth hormone. This imbalance is said to affect 1 in 4,000 children and adults.