According to the Spanish Royal Academy, the word descent is defined as the action and effect of descending; that is, an entity or element that is going down. Or to refer to the fall or decline of a position or power, to another inferior or minor. In another context, the reduction or depreciation of the value, cost or magnitude of a thing is called a decrease.

The term is used many times to cite the situation of making a downhill or steep tour, for example when descending a mountain. That is why it is used in sports, especially in skiing and mountaineering, to refer to the act of a sports competition that consists of going down a slope or decline. On the other hand, the action of getting out of a car is also called descent.

Another particular use of this word is to describe secretions from the vagina, also called vaginal discharge, which are due to different causes such as emotional stress, ovulation, which is the production and release of an egg from the ovary in the middle of the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, sexual arousal; in all these cases it happens if it is a normal secretion.

Next we find the term related to temperature when we talk about cryoscopic depression, or depression of the melting point, when the temperature of the freezing point that a solution suffers with respect to that of the pure solvent decreases. In other words, it is the decline in the freezing temperature of a liquid when a soluble substance is added to it.