The word decadence comes from Latin, which means decline or period of ruin, composed of the prefix “de” meaning “direction”, “cadere” meaning “fall”, “nt” meaning “agent” and the suffix ” ia” which means “quality”. Decadence is understood as the decline, descent or the beginning of the ruin; it is the plummeting of something whether animate or inanimate, from its full height to its complete collapse or depression it is a process of wear and tear through which conditions worsen. It could be said that it is a procedure of constant damage and impairment.

Decadence has several meanings but they are intertwined with each other; For example, another concept of decadence refers to the loss of strength, solidity and interest of something. In a few words, it is when an entity, element or object loses value and importance either due to neglect or due to the passage of time, referring both to a material order and also to a spiritual order; the idea of ​​decadence applies or could apply to human beings or also, as mentioned before, to objects, for example, the decline of a man is usually associated with his deterioration and physical wear or loss of success.

In history and art this word refers to a period of history that takes place is lost or happens. And even in the field of sociology, decadence is used to refer to a collapse of society, it is a stage or cycle in which a population or culture experiences a gap that leads to the cessation of certain characteristics.