Date of Expiry

When talking about or visualizing the expiration date of a product, it is important to keep in mind that it refers to or indicates the maximum date on which it is advisable to consume it. After this date the product becomes potentially harmful.

This expiration date is important; but its importance varies depending on its category of products such as charcuterie and creams. Yogurts, for example, can be consumed without risk even if two weeks have passed since their expiration date as long as it has been kept refrigerated.

It is important to keep in mind that we find not only the expiration date; But also, preferential consumption.

While the first warns about the period from which the food is not suitable for consumption from a health point of view, preferential consumption refers to the moment in which the product maintains its properties intact, without its consumption entailing a risk for the Health. The difference seems clear, and yet it is not so much. This has been detected by officials of the Government of the United Kingdom: consumers do not distinguish between the expiration date and preferential consumption and discard foods that have exceeded the established date. They also fail to properly manage their resources with proper food planning, storage and stewardship.

Legally, expiration is a way of extinguishing a right or an action over time, which has a fixed term, legally or conventionally established (for example in an insurance policy that provides for the insured’s right to expire if it causes loss Deliberately) And it cannot be suspended or interrupted as occurs with the prescription, and also unlike it, it works even without a request from the party (ex officio). Its purpose is to give certainty to certain legal relationships, so that they do not extend indefinitely and unnecessarily over time.

It can also be defined as the shelf life of a food, especially perishable products such as raw food: meat and fish. Eggs, dairy products, salads, etc., in which it is recommended to take into account and respect the date and eat them as soon as possible, to avoid poisoning. Medications also include an expiration date to show their shelf life.